Next Gen – The Rebellion!

Next Gen is a gathering of international young spirits who wish to be part of the sustainability movement of the present time and for the following generations. The word “Next Gen” is a short term of ‘next generation of Ecovillages’ - a sustainable way of living in a new paradigm. By trying to find a new way of living and taking action to support the better change in the world, you can consider Next Gen as the rebellion!

Next Gen emerged in October 2005 at Gen + 10 conference at Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. The Gen + 10 conference was a celebration of the 10 years anniversary of GEN(global ecovillage network –, where the Gen adults discussed the importance for the future of the next generations, and gave space for the youth in the conference to speak up. The voice of youth in the conference brainstormed together and burst forth with the idea of NextGen – the next generation’s international organization.

NextGen’s first planning meeting took place in July 2006 at the Las Canadas Ecovillage in Huatusco, Mexico. 30 young people who were already in the ecovillage movement from around the world were invited to brainstorm on the goal, vision, mission statement and structuring of the NextGen organization with the support of the Gen mentors. Nextgen Regional was set up with regional representatives.

What is the role of youth in the ecovillage movement and how to take the role, are the mains questions of NextGen’s movement. As Ecovillages are a way of living in a new paradigm for sustainability, the first question relating to above can be asked “what is the role of youth in this new paradigm?

To answer the question we have to see clearly what is the old paradigm and what is the new paradigm. What are the concepts behind the old paradigm that doesn’t support sustainability? The most important point is how we see the old paradigm cultivated in the daily living of each of us. Once we see the old paradigm concept in ourselves, we can start changing from that spot, to be rebellious in daily lives. Changing ourselves is changing the world!

What is the new paradigm or what is the paradigm for sustainable living are the big questions that follow. To look for knowledge and wisdom of sustainable living we must look from every where. We look from our mentors in ecovillage movement. We look from local wisdom, ancient knowledge, diverse cultures, religions, spiritual practices, ecologists, scientists, shamans etc. therefore, to be rebellious in this term, we have to also be open and humble to learn.

How to take a role in this paradigm of sustainability? It is an important question requiring a deep quest in the inner world and a wider quest in the outer world. To know how to take role in this world we need to know both ourselves and the world.

Who am I?
Why am I here?
What am I doing?
Why am I doing this?
What am I looking for?
What does life mean to me?
What is my life for?


What is going on in the world?
Who are poor?
Who are suffering?
What are the problems?
What causes the problems?

Digging the inner world starts from the same questions, yet each of us may find different treasures! Someone may find that they are borne with the gift of art and creativity, someone are gifted to be poets, some love to be facilitators or teachers, reporters, writers, healers, project managers, farmers, ecovillagers, etc. whatever is your treasure, be sure that you can be part of the movement by sharing your gifts and skills to support the poor and those who are suffering; connecting the treasure from your spirit with its true home and home of all – nature; using your treasure to make the home more beautiful and sustainable for the next generations of all beings! That would be an answer for ‘what is my role’ question.

To end, NextGen is a gathering of the young spirits who are trying to seek the way back to connect with their true home. NextGen welcomes all the young spirits (doesn’t have to be young age) to join the journey!

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Om Sunisa Jamwiset
NextGen representative, Thailand
Based in Wongsanit Ashram

Contact details:

Wongsanit Ashram 1 Ongkharak
Nakorn Nayok Thailand