Sharing Our Nature

A day in Coloane

Global Village Association opened its doors and naTerra spread new seeds. This was a day for more than 20 people to gather and share in Coloane. This wonderful day offered us inspiration for envioning more iniciatives.

“It's not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived.” Devi

"A ride of fun, of giving and receiving, of discovery between us and our selves, between us and some friends, between us and our home called Earth." Isabel

"What's most important is that all these feelings and thoughts can be reflected in our daily lives, whatever it is that we do, by understanding that we can actually have an impact in caring for the planet and for the people around us, and there's so many ways to do that."
Patricia Teixeira

"It's amazing how bridges are drafted based on so little but with such a vast importance." Victor

"We all grew a little together and special moments in life should be treasured." Anabela

"I see our day together as big and long mantra of Peace for our beloved Earth." Fátima

"I hope we wont let down these dreams. We need to share our experiences. We have so much to learn with each other." Marina

"There is a magical feeling of belonging, of hope, of growing together.
I feel like we are small lights that can shine brighter after today’s experience.
We finish standing up, in circle, hand to hand, chanting 3 «Ohms», feeling the vibration as a unique sound inside of us and outside in the room… in Coloane… in Macau… in Asia… in Planet Earth: our home. Sweet home!" Isabel